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I want to express my gratitude to Nic and the Saint team for their outstanding work on the Adelanto Industrial Park project. They were incredibly professional and efficient throughout. Their commitment to providing regular updates, along with the Q&A investor webinars, was impressive. What sets them apart is their ability to spot unique opportunities, like splitting the lot and quadrupling the power to the property, which led to exceptional returns. I feel fortunate to have been part of this project and to have worked with such a dedicated and visionary team. This was the single best return on a real estate investment I’ve ever experienced.

Matthew R.

Your team’s investor communication stands out as one of the best I’ve experienced from real estate investment funds I’ve invested in. It’s consistent, transparent, detailed, and walks investors through. Thanks again for the outstanding way you keep investors informed and your effective execution of the business plans.

Tim W.

For anyone interested in investing with Saint Investment Group, I can provide some insights. I invested in one of their projects three years ago, and I anticipate an exit next year. Even through the pandemic, the Saint team was highly knowledgeable with their investment and market updates, and they are selective about taking on any risky ventures. I will unquestionably invest with them again.

Ryan S.

“Saint Investment Group isn’t your typical passive real estate investment. They are an all star group that has consistently delivered impressive returns. I’ve invested in over 7 projects with Saint including 3 successful exits. We had remarkable returns that beat projections, and they were achieved in less time than expected (by over 2 years sooner in one case). I attribute this performance primarily due to Nic’s intense tracking of economic investment data, along with industry trends. Saint has always shown me that they are very hands-on, while being extremely transparent with reporting and updates. A big Thank You to Nic and the entire Saint team for their exceptional work.”

Raymond D.

I’ve worked with Nic on three of his investments. Our latest successful exit was the Courthouse Plaza mixed use project, which delivered over a 22% IRR. Nic is committed and creative; initially, his focus was on maximizing a value-add strategy, but he shifted gears to a higher value leasing strategy due to pandemic-related risks.

Despite the challenges, the investments have held up well, with stable occupancy and strong rent collections. I prefer these projects for their rental income and predictability. I trust Nic’s numbers and have also invested in his recent Income Fund. Great work Nic and team!

Michael D.

I’ve always been interested in real estate investing but wanted to avoid the typical landlord hassles and lacked the experience needed for smart decisions. Thankfully, I was introduced to Nic and got more information on investing with Saint. I was impressed with their seamless onboarding process, in-depth due diligence on investment opportunities, and excellent communication through monthly project updates.

Their level of organization and professionalism led me to invest into more projects over the past 3 years. I’m looking forward to the Cambridge Park exit, which has been delivering outstanding returns, exceeding our expectations. It has been a great experience. Thank you, Saint!

Randall W.

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