Saint Income Fund
Cash Flow You Can Live On

Your Investment is Backed by Time-Tested High-Quality Real Estate Assets You Can Count On

With over 50 years combined real estate investment experience, the Saint team has grown to become one of the premier investment opportunities for savvy investors.

Our Mission is simple: To help investors build their wealth and income through real estate assets.

For over 126 months consecutively, Saint has been doing exactly that by paying investors an annualized cash distributions.

The Saint Income Fund is a private, non-traded Investment Fund making equity and debt investments in real estate assets diversified by investment type, geography and property type.

The Fund’s primary focus is to provide monthly income to investors by rigorously evaluating numerous investment opportunities to find those that can support the Fund’s distribution target.

Accredited Investors can invest in the fund for a minimum investment of $50, 000, subject to availability (recent offerings have filled quickly).

A Closer Look at the Saint Income Fund

Distribution History

Saint has paid investors over 126 consecutive months of distributions totaling $13.4+ million.


Broad selection of real estate investments across property types and geographies designed to reduce risk.

Passive Income

Cash flow from debt investments in real estate assets.

Consistent Performance

Saint has maintained consistent performance through market turbulence in recent years.

Stable Assets

Grown over $206M+ Assets under Management with stable assets.


Certified, licensed, 3rd party fund administration for audits and monthly investor distributions.

Premier Fund Administration

Saint utilizes best in class third party Fund Administration through Formidium Administrators. Having a certified, licensed, 3rd party administrator overseeing investor distributions monthly, as well as verifying financials, allows Saint a best in class checks and balance accounting system to ensure investor trust.

What Would Happen if you Invested $100k?

If you invested $100,000 in the Saint Income Fund in 2024 and accrued all your monthly distributions for 5 years, your investment would be projected to be worth $178,448!

Saint Income Fund

What to Look For

Before you make any investment, there are a few key things you should be looking for.

First, is this investment truly going to create passive income?

Will you be able to invest and receive a consistent return every month right to your bank account without having any day-to-day involvement in your investment, hassles or headaches.

Next, is getting started easy and accessible?

You should look for a minimum investment with a simplified process that makes getting started easy.

Is the investment diversified?

It is important to look for a fund that is diverse and ever expanding so that you can consistently become safe over time.

It is important to note that the President of Saint, and your fund manager, Nic DeAngelo is personally invested right alongside you, and he believes that it is important for all investors to be able to maximize their distribution.

The minimum investment of $50,000 creates more opportunity for simple low risk accessible investing. We are always vetting the most stable opportunities with a very conservative approach to ensure that our fund is diversified with top notch assets that have all the qualities we look for to be recession resistant.

Key Advantages

icon passive icome

Completely Passive Income

Enjoy competitive returns delivered to your bank account monthly.

minimum investment

Low Minimum Investment

With a $50,000 minimum investment, we make getting started much more accessible.

Risk Reduction Via Diversification

A diverse and expanding portfolio means your investment should increase in safety over time.

Saint Income Fund Benefits

Income Fund

Basic Overview
Return 12%
Payment Paid Monthly
Initial term 36 months
Return of Capital 90 days
Minimum investment $50,000
Account Features Available
Create & Manage Investor Goals
IRA Investment
Access to Investor Relations

It’s Easy to Get Started

Signing up with Saint is easy and only takes a few simple steps!

Step 1

Tell us about yourself

We’ll suggest the best investment options for your goals.

Step 2


Finalize documents and coordinate investment amount.

Step 3

Receive monthly distributions

Receive your new stream of income and enjoy the rewards of your investment.

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Real Success…

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