Your investment: backed by impressive & stable real estate assets

Your investment: backed by impressive & stable real estate assets

Dependability – Flexibility – Performance

Every Saint investor’s capital is powered by high-quality, resilient real estate assets. We combine our extensive network and expertise with the massive buying power of our investor community to acquire high-quality assets throughout the real estate spectrum. We are focused on preservation of investor capital and growth through a diverse array of high-quality real estate investments that have passed rigorous screening and due diligence.

Current Offerings: Quick Look

Income Fund

Basic Overview
Return 8%
Payment Paid Monthly
Lock up 1 year
Return of Capital 90 days
Minimum investment $50,000
Account Features Available
Create & Manage Investor Goals
IRA Investment
Access to Investor Relations
Advisory Fee Zero
Asset Management Fee Zero
Acquisition Fee Zero
Disposition Fee Zero
Hidden Fee Zero

Current Offering


This offering provides a balance of yield and flexibility with a 12 month initial term.


Per annum



8.3% with compounding $50,000 minimum 0% Fees!

How the Fund Works

Acquiring Real Estate assets

Investment received from investors, Perform due diligence and purchase real estate assets

Asset Management

Expert managers improve asset’s value and/or hold for cashflow

Payment Distribution

Investors paid from the asset’s cashflow and proceeds of sales

Key Advantages

Completely Passive Income

Enjoy competitive returns delivered to your bank account monthly

Low Minimum Investment

With a $50,000 minimum investment, we make getting started much more accessible.

Risk Reduction Via Diversification

A diverse and expanding portfolio means your investment should increase in safety over time

No Brokerage Fees

Our zero fee structure ensures you get exactly what you’re expecting.

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