Nic DeAngelo

President of Saint Investment Group

Nic has honed his focus on the Real Estate and debt markets with Saint Investment Group and pursues large-scale Distressed Asset purchases with his partners and syndications.

His past experience gives a new approach to Real Estate Asset Management and acquisition and allows him to draw from a wealth of experience to put together creative, high return projects.

Nic successfully built several multi-million dollar companies with successful exits. This allowed him to transition full-time into his passion of Real Estate Investment.

Posts by Nic DeAngelo

Types of Real Estate Syndication Investments

Types of Real Estate Syndication Investments

Private real estate investing is an interesting a lucrative form of investment if it is done correctly. Utilizing syndication is a great means to acquire a large buying power whilst also mitigating potential risks that could solely fall onto one person. There are many...

How To Manage Your Money

How To Manage Your Money Mismanaging your money is the number one negative long-term effect on all aspects of your entire life in the United States today. One example is that relationships' most common financial problems is one of the biggest reasons for breakups....


10 Money Wasters: THESE CRUSH YOUR WEALTH 1.  Optional insurance People spend a significant amount of money on insurance, and most of it is both necessary (often legally required) and worthwhile. After all, we must carry car insurance, and homeowner's insurance protects us...