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Why The Saint Income Fund? Why Now?

When you look at Real Estate as an asset class, single-family homes prove to be rock solid, and here is why…

Asset Performance is at an All-time High

80% of mortgages in the country are locked in at 3%-4% interest rates and asset performance is at an all-time high with foreclosures being very low. We buy mortgages attached to single-family homes. 80% of these loans prove to be very boring, not newsworthy and paid on time. It is almost fortress-like.

What if a Mortgage Goes into Default?

Right now, the average mortgage has 30% – 40% equity and our average note is $400,000. This puts us in a great position if a loan should default.

People Are Highly Motivated to Pay On Time

Rates have gone up so drastically (7% -8% and more) that with 80% of the market locked in at 3 to 4% rates, most people have no interest in selling and moving because they literally cannot find a similar deal so they do not want to miss payments and possibly lose their amazing deal.

Decades of Consistent Returns Ahead

Most of these loans have decades ahead of them, some with 20 years remaining on their mortgages. How we invest in the secondary mortgage market gives us decades remaining with consistent, ongoing, and dare we say, boring stabilized returns.

Our Track Record of Reliability
Speaks for Itself


IRR Over 7 Successful Exits


Distributed To Investors


Assets Under Management


Months of Consecutive Distributions (10+ yrs)

Meet Nic

Nic is a two decade seasoned expert in investing and capital raising, specializing in Real Estate and debt markets. With Saint Investment Group, he leads in large-scale distressed asset purchases and innovative syndications.

Nic’s unique approach to Real Estate Asset Management, coupled with a veteran team, ensures high returns and transformative projects consistently available for Saint’s investor community.

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