What is Hands-Off Real Estate Investing?

When you hear the term, hands-off real estate investing what comes to your mind? Do you picture an investor just relaxing and taking things easy while waiting for his income to come in? 

Unfortunately, that rarely happens in real life, because real estate investing can be complicated. If that’s the case, then what is hands-off real estate investing? Can you benefit from doing it?

Define Hands-Off Real Estate Investing

Hands-off real estate investing is an investment strategy that aims to generate passive income.

However, the term passive income can be misleading to some. It gives the impression that one does not have to do anything to earn money. Smart investors know that even if it’s a passive investment, you still have to be on top of things.

On the other hand, to generate active income, real estate investing requires a lot of work from the investor.

The investor must choose and buy the ideal property with the required features and ideal location. In order to meet the needs of the tenants, the property must also be improved on the inside and outside.

The investor or landlord of the property must work continuously to manage the renters and maintain the property. As a result, properties held by the investor that provide rental revenue flows are referred to as having active real estate income.

Moreover, passive income requires less work and takes up less time. However, keep in mind that it still needs time and effort.

Flipping, Micro Flipping, Rental

When you decide to buy a property as an investment, you have several options on how you can make money off it. You can choose flipping, micro flipping, or rental to make money from your purchase.

Flipping is when an investor purchases a house, spends money on renovating and improving it—and sells it again to make a profit. Microflipping, on the other hand, is the same as the former, except that the investor does not improve the property and just sells it as it is. 

Rental, of course, is a familiar method of generating income from a property. These three are all passive income in some way. But while it is passive, you still have to work to realize a profit.

Benefits of Hands-Off Real Estate Investing

It’s time to go through the benefits of hands-off real estate investing.

You Won’t Have to Deal with Banks

Most of the time, dealing with banks is never a fully positive experience.

With hands-off investing, you will be minimizing your contacts and dealings with banks. It’s the real estate companies that will take over the process on your behalf. 

You Can Get Tax Benefits

When you invest in a real estate syndication it will come with a tax-deferred cash return. That will let you hold on to more of your earnings. For this benefit alone, a lot of people are choosing to invest in real estate.

You Can Leverage Others’ Expertise and Experience

When you go into something as complicated as commercial real estate investing, you are better off if you work with others who are more experienced.

When you invest in real estate as a passive income, you can use the knowledge of others to make the most out of your money.

You Can Forget About the Hassle of Day-to-Day Management

Managing a rental property can be a great deal of hassle. If you ask any rental owner what their worst nightmare is, they would probably say that it’s having a horrible tenant.  Just imagine dealing with someone who is being difficult. 

When you go for hands-off real estate investing, you don’t have to deal with difficult tenants at all.

Your Investments Will Make Money on Their Own

This is the best thing about hands-off real estate investing. Once you have set everything up, your investment can start making money for you.

Again, there is no full passive income. While you can reduce the amount of intervention needed for a real estate investment to make money, you cannot remove it from the equation entirely.

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