The Upcoming Decade of Inflation and the future of the US Dollar

Podcast Episode Title: The Upcoming Decade of Inflation and the future of the US Dollar
Podcast:The Real Estate Investing Club
Host: Gabriel Petersen

In this podcast Nic DeAngelo shares his journey in real estate investing, from his entrepreneurial roots to building crucial bank relationships. He offers a bullish outlook on the US economy and real estate market, emphasizing syndication and investment opportunities. Nick highlights the importance of finding the right partners and connecting with key industry players. Tune in for invaluable insights and actionable advice from a seasoned investor.


00:13: Experience in the industrial side of real estate investing
00:17: Impressive 35% IRR in real estate investing
01:05: Family background in entrepreneurship and real estate
02:03: Resourcefulness in finding deals and mentors 
04:02: Transition from acquisitions to asset management
04:09: Starting an income fund and achieving a 35.5% IRR 
16:24: Bullish outlook on the US economy
17:06: Expectation of long-term inflation and higher interest rates
24:50: Investment opportunities in Southern California for industrial real estate
26:47: The importance of building relationships and finding the right partners
28:09: Lessons learned from a five-year struggle
28:29: Importance of understanding the economics and drivers
28:46: Need to know the specific area you’re investing in
29:04: Example of a bad corner in a good metro
29:27: Webinar series on investment and economic strategies
30:31: Website for resources and upcoming webinars

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