The Impact of U.S. Money Printing on Real Estate

Podcast Episode Title: The Impact of U.S. Money Printing on Real Estate
Podcast: Lifetime CashFlow Through Real Estate Investing
Host: Rod Khleif

Nic DeAngelo is a seasoned expert with over two decades of experience in investing and capital raising, specializing in real estate and debt markets. At Saint Investment Group, he leads large-scale distressed asset purchases and innovative syndications. Known as the “Fixed Income GOAT” in real estate circles, Nic manages a $206M+ portfolio, blending economic foresight with real estate expertise. His unique approach to Real Estate Asset Management, combined with a veteran team, ensures high returns and transformative projects for Saint’s investor community, making him a compelling voice for podcast audiences.

Here are some of the topice covered:

Breaking Into Real Estate Investing 00:00
Buying Commercial Distressed Deals 6:38
Nic’s Two Favorite Markets 9:29
Triple Net Real Estate Investing 13:49
Lending Money with Mortgages 19:23
Market Trends & Inflation 27:07
The Impact of U.S. Money Printing 29:29

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