Reading the Market to Make the Right Move

Podcast Episode Title: Reading the Market to Make the Right Move
Podcast: Journey to Multifamily Millions
Host: Tim Little

Join us as Nic DeAngelo, founder and CEO of Saint Investment Group, delves into the real estate market. Learn how his company leverages industrial and multifamily properties, transitioning from landlords to asset managers. Discover the benefits of mortgage investments and get Nick’s take on the market’s strong fundamentals amidst rising inflation and producer prices. Don’t miss this episode packed with expert insights and strategies for today’s real estate landscape.

Key Takeaways from Nic DeAngelo’s Real Estate Insights

00:00:00 – Multifamily and single-family real estate are strong investments.
00:00:13 – Real estate can outpace inflation better than bank savings.
00:00:35 – Evaluate operators and market factors before investing.
00:00:52 – Interview with Nick D’Angelo, CEO of Saint Investment Group.
00:01:24 – Nick D’Angelo’s 20 years of real estate expertise.
00:02:32 – Pivot during the 2008 crisis to asset management.
00:14:13 – Focus on industrial real estate due to favorable conditions.
00:28:57 – Mortgages provide fixed income and tax benefits.
00:32:13 – The US real estate market has strong fundamentals.
00:37:40 – Inflation and rising producer prices are concerning factors.

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