How Technology and Automation are Impacting Private Real Estate Investing

Within almost every facet and industry of the world, technology is rapidly changing and evolving. With new innovations and discoveries almost every day, keeping up with, and staying informed on the topic of technology is a critical factor in being able to maintain a positive relationship with it across various different industries, especially in private real estate investing.

From the food industry to the healthcare industry, technology is always present. This proves to be the same fact for private real estate investing. If used correctly, technology can provide an innovative and effective stepping stone for modern investors.

Let’s have a closer look at how technology is affecting and changing the private real estate investing industry.

What is Private Real Estate Investing?

Private equity real estate funds are a good way for investors with high net worth, and institutions, to invest in real estate assets and debt holdings. What makes this interesting is that private real estate investing takes a diversified approach to property ownership.

The way this is done is that there is a varied investment into properties that are of a different type, in a different location, and based on various different factors.

Some additional property investments can include raw land holdings,  new development projects, completion of existing projects, or insertion of funds into a struggling project or property.

Private real estate investing is often a pool of investors that utilize industry information and trends to invest in beneficial assets.

Are Technology and Automation a Good Thing?

Technology and automation can seem like a daunting uphill battle to get used to. With technology being an ever-changing part of our society, processes have become easier and more streamlined. Technology is an innovative tool that can be used for many different reasons.

The same can be said for investing. Technology has proven to be one of the greatest new-age tools that assist investors in having full control over their investments and assets. Automation and the use of artificial intelligence have allowed many tasks that were once difficult, to now be simple.

For new investors, this can be a great tool to assist you in finding your footing. For experienced investors, it can be utilized to take your assets and investments to the next level. There are many impacts and effects that technology and automation have had on investment as a whole.

In order to understand this, we should explore each of the key changes that it has brought and what it means for the real estate industry.

Types Of Impacts Technology and Automation Has On Private Real Estate Investing

As mentioned before, there are many different good impacts that technology and automation have had on the real estate industry. From processing information to handling statistics in the blink of an eye, technology is a tool that can provide greatness to those who are willing to embrace it. Let’s have a closer look at some of these impacts that technology has had, and will continue to improve on.

Processing Information

In traditional real estate investing methods, there is often a very large amount of data that is acquired. Since there is so much data to analyze and understand, the vast majority of it often gets swept under the rug and forgotten about.

This information is kept away and only what is seen as important is closely analyzed. While a skilled investor can get through the majority of this, it still proves to be an exceptionally daunting task.

Technology and automation have allowed this information to be processed at an unparalleled level. This means that no data is left unseen and not analyzed. With more information comes more statistics, and more ways to approach investment.

When technology processes this information, some of the data it can provide you with include:

  • Industry trends
  • Where property is being sold the most
  • Where people are moving
  • Recognize and identify which office spaces and utilities are being used
  • Price shifts

While these are not all of the data points that technology can provide, it is definitely some of the most useful information that an investor can have.

Artificial Intelligence Automation

One of the best benefits that technology has provided is automation and artificial intelligence. Automation allows businesses, individuals, and even investors, to streamline their processes and get tasks done exceptionally fast.

When working with private property investment, some of these tasks can include:

  • Manage risks
  • Control expenses
  • Assist in gaining higher returns

Automation also allows for a various number of other factors. This can include answering frequently asked questions and shining light on aspects that one may not have originally thought of.

The most important tasks that technology and automation have been able to assist in are:

  • Valuation and cash flow analysis
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Scenario and sensitivity analysis
  • Accounting and property management
  • Investment and debt management
  • Benchmarking and performance analysis
  • Reporting

As you can see, there are countless benefits that come with artificial intelligence’s ability to automate processes. This can assist you in focusing on aspects of investment that are most important whilst still getting the bulk of the work done.


No matter what industry you work in, or what type of investment you make, transparency is always key. Investors need to know what is happening with their investments to get a good picture of predicted growth. Technology has allowed and forced investments to become more transparent.

Since technology provides the investor with the information and tools that are present, the investor is able to accurately check and monitor what is happening with their investments and assets.

This has been proven to be an incredible shift for the investment industry and when working with private real estate investment, it is a change that is definitely needed.

Global Scale

In the past, investing was only available to the elite few that could understand it. With the turn of the century and technology becoming more and more integrated into our everyday lives, things have gotten much easier. With the ease of advanced technology, understanding how to invest, where to invest, and why, is a simpler concept for newer investors.

This opens up the market to a wide range of different investors and allows the different funds to grow. For experienced investors, this provides a massive boost in their previous endeavors and provides a larger room for growth.

Mobility and Accessibility

Being able to tap into your investments from anywhere in the world is important. Technology has allowed us to make easier shifts toward accessibility. In the past, there had been many issues of mobility and accessibility in investment because it was a formalized process that needed many different parties to always be available.

With the use of technology, this process has been streamlined to become more effective and comfortable. With the tap of a finger, investors are now able to access their assets and funds without needing to be in a specific location at a specific time.


Communication has always been a struggle. Needing to get the information that you need, when you need it is an integral part of private real estate investment. Technology has provided a great means and tool for investors to always receive the communication that they need without the hassle.

This can streamline many decisions and by simply communicating more, investors now have a wider range of opportunities and a higher ceiling for growth.

Security and Protection

One of the biggest fears that investors have is their security and protection. It can be quite nerve-racking to not know if your assets and investments are secured. Thanks to the advancements in technology, payments, and investments have become substantially more secure. This removes a great burden from the investors and allows them to be more confident in the decisions that they make.


The greatest strength that technology allows for is innovation. Without innovation, the world would not be where it is today. Technology is a flexible, diverse, and adaptable facet of life. When problems arise, technology often evolves to solve these problems.

Although some issues may be quite daunting, technology usually finds its way around these issues. With further development and innovation in the field, investing will become easier and more streamlined.

Keeping up to date with technology and its advances is a great means to have one foot in the door of opportunity.

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