Building a Cornerstone of Trust With Real Estate

Podcast Episode Title: Building a Cornerstone of Trust With Real Estate

Podcast: Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing

Host: Jonathan Greene

Jonathan and Nic explore Nic’s early exposure to real estate through books and a lifelong love of learning. You’ll hear Nic’s experiences with construction and banking, as well as how his family influenced where he decided to put his money.

Nic explains what drew him to commercial real estate, why no particular personality type archives success in this industry, and the various jobs he tried before landing on his niche. Nic shares his perspective on residential versus commercial real estate, why scale determines your buy box, and offering clients transparency so that what you’re offering them is easy to understand.

He reveals the two ways he decides whether to move forward with a deal, the influence baby boomers have on the market, and the impact of inflation, risk tolerance, and politics on investor timelines. Finally, Jonathan and Nic dig into not being afraid to invest with your “competition” in other asset classes, the value of providing education to your clients, and Nic’s advice for new investors.

In this episode, you will hear:

-Nic DeAngelo’s exposure to real estate through books and lifelong learning, particularly Gary Keller’s book, “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor”

-His experiences in construction and banking and merging them to become an investor

-How Nic’s early experiences within his own family influenced where he put his money

-What drew him to commercial real estate

-The variation of personality types who achieve success in real estate in different niches

-Various jobs Nic tried before finding his niche

-Nic’s perspective on residential real estate versus commercial in the United States

-Why the scale of the operation determines the buy box

-The importance of transparency at such a level that clients can glance at a single page and grasp it

-Two ways Nic determines what deal to move toward and how the baby boomers are influencing the market

-How inflation, risk tolerance, and politics are impacting investors’ timelines

-Investing with your “competition” when they’re more versed in an asset class than you

-The two asset classes Nic specializes in

-Why education makes clients more likely to invest

-Nic DeAngelo’s advice for new investors

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