Best Places To Buy Commercial Real Estate

Like single-family housing and residential real estate, the commercial real estate market is subject to cyclical tendencies. Investors are always seeking ways to predict how these trends will affect their specific markets shortly, and they wonder, "What are the finest real estate areas for commercial investments?" 

These ever-changing trends and their influence drive an investor's strategy for beating the competition. There can be no discussion of commercial real estate investing or economic growth without mentioning COVID-19 and its influence on Commercial Real Estate (CRE). 

The pandemic has impacted businesses worldwide, including several in the CRE sector. Commercial real estate prices can still fluctuate in the best cities to buy. 

Read on to know more about the best places to buy commercial real estate in the U.S. and what to expect with new investment opportunities and the right investment professionals at Saint Investment.

Recent Real Estate Market Trends In The U.S.

Throughout 2021, commercial real estate was likely to confront some unique difficulties—the future of remote work and office buildings. Many investors questioned the viability of office buildings and long-term commercial leases when a large percentage of the workforce was forced to relocate due to COVID-19. Real estate market trends to look forward to in 2023 are as follows:

Another year of expansion will be aided by significant capital and public debt.

Most signals point to another solid year in commercial real estate among those knowledgeable about the market. Preqin said that commercial real estate funds amassed about $152.2 billion in the dry powder until mid-October, ready to be deployed on growth possibilities and demand and available loans.

The housing boom will almost certainly continue.

According to recent data, multifamily continued to outperform in 2021, with investment volume surpassing $179 billion in Q3 2021. Low supply and price competitiveness in single-family homes and a flight to quality housing were also causes. Investors should be alert to oversupply this year. However, it appears that the market will continue to do well.

The Federal Housing Finance Agency imposed a $78 billion limit on multifamily purchases, up 11.4% from 2021. This, combined with stronger household formation and hybrid work, lays a solid platform for continuing demand throughout markets, particularly in secondary and suburban areas. 

A growing number of quants will join the real estate market.

Given the prospect of outsized returns, consistent yields, volatility hedges, and unique tax advantages, more quants are likely to enter the market in the next few years. Tailwinds are blowing across the market due to the post-Covid rebound and infrastructure spending, and smart investors should pay attention.

Importantly, cultivating a robust network of partners and sponsors aids in maintaining high value. Professionals who keep their ears to the ground in each market can protect risk-averse investors.

Where Are The Best Places To Purchase Commercial Real Estate?

Few states in the United States attract commercial real estate investors the most because they offer lower facility costs and effective property tax rates. On the other hand, these states are experiencing high income and job growth. Exploring and investing in these states can help investors build a strong portfolio while increasing their bank balances. 

In terms of real estate market trends, 2023 is predicted to be an exciting year. To stay informed about the year ahead, investors should watch both residential and commercial developments. Here are the top ten markets to monitor in the coming year for individuals looking for new opportunities:

  • Tampa, FL
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Dallas, TX
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Nashville, TN
  • Raleigh-Durham, NC
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Austin, TX
  • Boston, MA

When Should I Hire An Investment Firm?

Professional investors can offer you a range of long-term strategic assistance when looking for commercial real estate. Investment first can save you time and possibly money when scaling through commercial properties. Some outstanding candidates for hiring an investment firm include:

  • Those who want a brick and mortar store for their business
  • People going through a major business change (e.g., location expansion)
  • Those who've had a transaction-heavy year (e.g., home sales)
  • Small business owners looking to scale up

Leave It To The Pros At Saint Investment

Professionals at Saint Investments are backed by years of investing expertise and founded by the high net-worthy investment partners. Using dependability, flexibility, and performance as basic foundations of their operational strategy, Saint Investments brings unique investment terms to the real estate world.

Cover all your bases with trusted professionals at Saint Investment and learn more about how to invest in income funds by scheduling a free consultation with our team today!

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