Our story

Real estate assets have provided countless investors with sustainable and growing wealth. However, it has typically been concentrated in the groups that have access to large amounts of capital, specialized knowledge, and the right connections.

Saint wanted to change that, and bring these opportunities within reach for the investment community from beginners to seasoned pros. 

While working with ultra high net worth investment partners, Saint’s President Nic DeAngelo identified three core elements that separated the wealthiest investors’ strategies from the rest. Using these 3 elements as the backbone, Saint brings unique investment terms to the real estate world.

Core Values

Stable, consistent, quality assets, managed by our best in class team.
Flexible return of capital options including 90 days or sooner. Flexible investment strategies including IRA, auto invest, and others.
Competitive returns to boost your portfolio to new levels. We often see our returns beat competitors by up to 2X.


With our ever expanding portfolio, expertly calibrated for steady growth, we use a data driven strategy to locate assets in areas with favorable economic trends, and operate them with our best in class team.

With extensive industry experience and a dedication to market fundamentals, we’ve honed Saint’s strategy to capture real estate’s huge potential for consistent, stable returns.

As an asset class, private real estate has historically offered a combination of attractive risk-adjusted returns, with greater income and stability than stocks or publicly traded REITs. Real estate has been steady in comparison — especially during the past three major economic crises.

Track record

Saint uses a balance of security and return potential. Of the major asset types readily available to online investors, private real estate typically mitigates risk while still prioritizing attractive returns.
track record - about us

Meet our leadership team

Nic DeAngelo - President of Saint Investment GroupNic DeAngelo
Ryan Salzmann
Director of Operations
Daniel Singer
Director of Legal

Our promises

Complete Transparency
A top tier, responsive client relations team, ongoing detailed updates, and excellent investor portal.
High Performance
Decades of experience meets streamlined operations meets excellent acquisition models.
Strong Reporting
With our investor portal, and detailed updates, you will know what decisions we’re making and why.
Flexible Options
Investors can use auto invest, IRA investment, and reinvesting dividend options to customize the investment that’s best for them,

Find the right investment plan for you

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* Information in this message, including information regarding targeted returns and investment performance, is provided by the sponsor of the investment opportunity and is subject to change. Forward-looking statements, hypothetical information or calculations, financial estimates and targeted returns are inherently uncertain. Such information should not be used as a primary basis for an investor’s decision to invest. Investment opportunities on the Saint Platform are speculative and involve substantial risk. You should not invest unless you can sustain the risk of loss of capital, including the risk of total loss of capital. Please see additional disclosures here.
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