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At Saint, our real estate assets are built on solid foundations. Our relationship with you is built on the same… TRUST

True passive income creates
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Experience the power of real estate returns without the daily management grind. This approach is passive, yet powerful. You can let your money work for you while you live your life the way you want to and collect dependable passive real estate income that paves the way for financial serenity.

Recognized thought leader, educator, industry expert, podcaster, and President of Saint Investment, Nic DeAngleo has been featured in…

Why The Saint Income Fund? Why Now?

When you look at Real Estate as an asset class, single-family homes prove to be rock solid, and here is why…

Asset Performance is at an All-time High

80% of mortgages in the country are locked in at 3%-4% interest rates and asset performance is at an all-time high with foreclosures being very low. We buy mortgages attached to single-family homes. 80% of these loans prove to be very boring, not newsworthy and paid on time. It is almost fortress-like.

What if a Mortgage Goes into Default?

Right now, the average mortgage has 30% - 40% equity and our average note is $400,000. This puts us in a great position if a loan should default.

People Are Highly Motivated to Pay On Time

Rates have gone up so drastically (7% -8% and more) that with 80% of the market locked in at 3 to 4% rates, most people have no interest in selling and moving because they literally cannot find a similar deal so they do not want to miss payments and possibly lose their amazing deal.

Decades of Consistent Returns Ahead

Most of these loans have decades ahead of them, some with 20 years remaining on their mortgages. How we invest in the secondary mortgage market gives us decades remaining with consistent, ongoing, and dare we say, boring stabilized returns.

Assets speak louder than words

The safety of your investment is our #1 priority. Our business does not work without you and at Saint, you, our investors are our most important asset and we make sure that above all else, you reach your financial goals based on the returns we have projected.

Why Saint Investment Group?

Because we believe that consistency is the cornerstone of trust

Dependable cash flow with flexible liquidity

Our investment strategies prioritize not just growth but also flexible liquidity, ensuring you have access to your investment when you need it. You are in control and can request your investment back anytime after the initial term by simply putting in a request or leave it in and keep receiving monthly cash flow.

Direct Real Estate Investments 101

When we win, we win together

At Saint, we never ask you to invest in something we do not fully believe in. In fact, we are also personally invested in the same fund. When we win, we all win together. Our President, Nic DeAngelo currently has $500,000 of his personal funds invested into this incredible opportunity and future offerings will be no exception.

Rigorous due diligence process

We have done our homework and using our proprietary process of vetting each acquisition,  we are confident to offer you opportunities in only the highest-quality investments that prove consistent returns, using sophisticated analysis, superior technology, and transparent reporting.

Invest now to start receiving dependable cashflow

Your Saint Investing Experience

Complete Transparency

Our top-tier, responsive client relations team will always provide you with ongoing detailed updates. We promise to communicate internally and externally with transparency, honesty, and respect.

Strong Reporting

We are committed to sharing our fact and data-based decisions with you at all times. With our investor portal, detailed updates, and financial statements, you will know what decisions we’re making and why.

High Performance

We use our decades of experience, streamlined operations, excellent acquisition models, and unparalleled processes to provide the highest quality investment opportunities to our investor.

Flexible Options

Investors can use auto-invest, IRA investment, and reinvesting dividend options to help customize the investment structure that’s best for them. When you are in the driver’s seat, we can help you reach your goals and create greater value and impact for you.

The Right Asset at the Right Time

At Saint Investment, we use a strategic top-down approach to identify the best alternative investment asset classes based on macro-economic conditions. When interest rates and inflation were low, we invested heavily in industrial, medical, and retail real estate, buying distressed assets at rock bottom prices.

We currently love the risk-adjusted return potential of residential mortgage notes. Explore the Saint Income Fund and discover how this smart investment can provide up to 14.28% compounded returns, or 12% annual returns with monthly distributions.


High-quality real estate investment you can Trust. We continue to earn our investor’s confidence one successful asset at a time.

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